Thursday, February 17, 2011

Addicted to cats... sick!

Let's pretend that it hasn't been 9 months since I blogged, okay? Good. Yesterday I got home from yet another exhausting day that I thought would never end. I was all ready to wrap up in my favorite blanket, watch some trashy TV, and listen to the amazing wind/rain/hail outside. I turned on my TV and saw a little clip of this (the cat part, not the ventriloquism part although I think that's pretty creepy too). Needless to say my relaxing evening was gone never to return. I was physically ill. I opened my Tivo menu, selected my trashy show, and hit select only to find this. (I tried to upload the video but it was taking FOREVER!)

I had visions of a window covered in these Sunny Seats. Cats everywhere. Jumping from bed to bed. Fighting, hissing, and shedding. My night was ruined. I turned off the TV and went to sleep. Little did I know that those evil little cats were waiting for me in my nightmares. Just in case it wasn't clear. I hate cats.

Monday, March 29, 2010

26 Things In My 26th Year

No, you are not having an insanely amazing dream. I really blogged! I know I know, I haven't blogged in about a year and guess what... I fake miss it (meaning that while the task itself isn't my favorite, it is kind of fun to look back on). So... I am re-recommitting myself. I figure what better way to kick things into gear than by compiling a list of all of the random/amazing things that I would love to accomplish yet can't seem to get to. Maybe this will help me stay motivated! With my 25th birthday fast approaching (I hate my birthday) I decided to make it a 26 by 26 type list. I am fully aware that this is by far the most unoriginal idea on the planet (I'm pretty sure that at least half of the blogs out there have a similar list) however at least MOST of the items on my list came out of my own head. Here we go...

  1. Make 2 REAL quilts. (One for me and one for someone else)
  2. Travel somewhere new.
  3. Read 3 Classics. (Gone with the Wind, Anna Karenina, and Les Miserables)
  4. Learn how to bake bread.
  5. Fill at least one journal.
  6. Take a road trip to somewhere that isn't "just off of I15".
  7. Write someone a REAL letter. (Maybe a prisoner...?)
  8. Find an amazing volunteer opportunity.
  9. Buy a laptop.
  10. Move/have a REAL plan to move far far away.
  11. Perfect the application of eyeliner w/o the use of a Q-tip.
  12. See 6 plays that I have never seen before.
  13. Buy some bright red pumps.
  14. Relearn how to play the piano.
  15. Be a real vegetarian for at least two weeks.
  16. Paint a picture.
  17. Use all of my existing flannel w/o buying more.
  18. Buy and complete a puzzle from the D.I.
  19. Help stop light pollution.
  20. Pay off my 10 year old library fine. (Will help with #3)
  21. Become an early bird instead of a night owl.
  22. Buy something vintage that I love!
  23. Learn more about Canadian history.
  24. Learn how to knit.
  25. Create something amazing out of something not so amazing.
  26. Use the fabric that I bought at Mood.

Easy right. Nothing that is completely unattainable. All things that I have control over and can make happen. Anyone want in on any of my amazing adventures? While typing this list I decided that if... no WHEN I complete everything on this list I am going to go on an amazing trip. Donations are now being accepted as well as destination ideas and travel companion applications. (Yes, you must apply. After my last trip I will not be taking any chances).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Not the worst birthday ever...

As stated in my previous post, I do not enjoy my birthday. However this year it was actually somewhat enjoyable. It started with no work or school which I never do on my birthday and it was pretty nice to be able to sleep in. 

Later, Monster and Emery came over and decorated some delectable birthday cupcakes my Grandma H. had made. The kids worked so hard and they turned out awesome! I love those kids!

That night I went out with the ladies aka Mom, Grandma, Auntie M., and Laura. So fun. We went to Wingers which is fast becoming my favorite restaurant for several reasons.
  1. Sticky Finger Wrap (amazing creamy sauce on the side) YUM!
  2. My nephews LOVE it because they give them fruit snacks with their meals.
  3. Blackberry Lemonade
  4. Free Popcorn (also a favorite of my nephews).
  5. You NEVER have to wait for a table even though they have AMAZING food... curious!
  6. There wings (I'm not actually a fan but the guys are which is an excuse for us to go there which I LOVE)!
That's right no singing on your birthday. Certain people there that night were BEGGING for an asphalt pie so I found our waitress and said "it's my birthday, they want cake, please don't sing to me" our amazing waitress informed me that they didn't sing for birthdays and then brought us out a giant piece of pie. I only ate the whip cream but it was delicious.

Following dinner Jon picked me up at Winger's which was not part of the plan but we went back to my house and met Sandi, they then presented me with some seriously amazing birthday gifts. Including 12 new FFF films for FFF Tuesdays(if they ever happen again). As well as these tasty licks...

They may not seem amazing to you but they are to me. They are part of the traditional D.I. portion of my it! Last but not least I received this amazingness...

This is my new beta fish, affectionately named Ah Me by Jon and Sandi. Complete with Little Mermaid aquarium. That sucker is legit! For those of you who don't know "Ah me, young love" is a quote from Robin Hood. One of our favorite movies of all time.

After present time we went to Pirate Island Pizza. Amazingly Doll Face was there with her hubby so we sat with them and had SO much fun. Unfortunately there they do sing to you but it is a catchy little pirate ditty and we were in our own little alcove so it wasn't that excruciating. Following feeding time we played some games in the arcade and went to watch a movie at Jon's house. Good times.

The next night I had to babysit but I took the kids with me on a family wiener roast in the Gorge. This was pretty fun. It was such a nice day and we were right by the river so after we ate we all went down and played for a while. So fun. I also rode my parents four wheelers for the first time and now I might be addicted. 

All in all it was a pretty fun weekend. So thank you to all who participated in any way i.e. calls, texts, little notes, gifts, and those I actually got to see. I love you all!

Special thanks to...
-My dad for letting everyone sing 
   Happy Birthday to him instead of me!
-Celina who was secretly planning on 
   coming down until her boss took
  out the front end of her car. 
   How DARE he!!
-STG friends for a night of 
-Family for coming to the festivities.
-Gma H., Monster and Emery for the 
-Mel for the eggs and flour to make the 
   cupcakes. You rock!
-Miss Kitty for her wise advice 
   (she may have been worth the $100)!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So It's My Birthday... So What.

Yet another year is about to pass and I am not thrilled about it. Many people hate there birthday because they hate being older and closer to death. I just hate all of the hype. Why does there have to be all of this expectation? That is why I hate it. You always expect it to be a glorious day but the reality never meets the expectation. My strategy? Expect nothing. That way if by some chance something amazing does happen it will be that much better. I have been harassed by many for my pessimistic outlook on this day but I say LET ME BE! It's my birthday and I will feel how I like about it. For years I have had a secret goal to check into a hotel on my birthday and avoid it all together. Unfortunately, I have never been able to do this for one reason or another. Luckily I know several people who share my birthday so I am able to attend their birthday celebrations without having to deal with my own. This year (due to advice from my psychic Miss Kitty) I have one party that I am going to miss. This opens up my Friday night so tonight at movie night I was secretly making without informing my friends that it is my birthday. This plan seems to be working. If all goes as planned I will be spending Friday night jumping over a bonfire in Warner Valley with some great friends who are totally oblivious. As far as Saturday goes, I am afraid that I am forced into attending a family party. Every year it is either endure a family party or try to dodge the bullets full of guilt that come flying my way. I don't understand this. If I don't want a party why must people force me into it? I just hope that this week passes without to much stress.


Random Gal
By the way, my decision to post is in no way related to the request and demands for me to do so.

Also, I blog for me not for you(sorry). So if you don't enjoy my random ramblings or my lack of pictures than feel free not to read it. Wow that sounds harsh but I am tired, stressed, and grumpy so there you go. Tomorrow I will most likely come back and delete that last statement but for now it stays.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Cool Off with a Frutista Freeze"... really?

Today as I was driving to school I drove past the local Taco Bell and the marque read "cool off with a frutista freeze". I was instantly depressed. It is only February and people are already searching for ways to beat the heat. How do I live somewhere where that is the reality? We have had a few slightly warmer days this week and it has brought with it great excitement to many... I am not one of the many. While I may enjoy the spring time in St. George, it doesn't last long so the fact that it is already here means that the blistering hot summer is looming on the horizon. When I bring this to peoples attention they usually respond with "the summers aren't that bad" or "we can just spend the summer swimming" or "at least it won't be freezing anymore". I feel as though all of those people who are ushering in summer with open arms have no room to complain when it finally arrives. For this reason I have created a list of all of those so called "hot weather lovers" so they will always be reminded of how badly they wanted melted credit cards, sunburned backs, and stinky sweaty people (if you are among the stinky see Body Odor Prevention).

Hot Weather Lovers

I'm sure that I will be constantly adding to this list. I will update you when the complaining starts (and I know it will).

Next for all of you people who like me, dread the heat of summer I would like to suggest some slightly unconventional slightly ridiculous ways for you to stay cool all summer long. Some are slightly expensive but most are FREE!

Random Crap #8

How To Keep COOL

  1. Water Balloon Siege Machine - ATTACK!
  2. Think Cool - Read books about snowy winter days.
  3. Make Your Own Air Conditioner - Place large blocks of ice in a bowl and place a fan behind it.
  4. Eat Spicy Foods - Sweat the heat right out of you!
  5. Stay Downstairs - (or upstairs if that is where your ac unit is)
  6. Take Off Extra Clothing - This means hats and shoes when you are inside.
  7. Be Free - Just forget the clothing all together. I would suggest you only do this inside but you do what makes you feel comfortable.
  8. Go Topless - If you live in NYC (lucky) ladies, leave you shirts at home. It's LEGAL!
  9. Create Your Own Iceberg - Fill a pool with blocks of ice and float around with them.
  10. Buy This Pillow - Self-cooling pillow.
  11. Buy This Vest - Wear it under your clothes (or without any if you choose #7)
  12. Buy This Shirt - Seriously, I need to own this.
  13. Freezers Are Great - Freeze your pillowcase.

I'm sure that there are millions more but for now that is all I can think of. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Stay Cool

Random Gal

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I love edges

Last week I made brownies for a gathering at my house. I was again brought to the realisation that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who like edges and those who don't. I happen to be among the ones that do. While this may seem like a trivial matter, there have been relationships formed and ended based on nothing but the love of crunchy edges or gooey centers. At my house, there was a relationship started. There was a couple there on their first date and upon the realization that one liked the edges and one like the centers, they formed an instant bond. They took it as a sign from the universe that they were meant to be. Ridiculous or smart? Because I am single and don't have anyone to eat the sick gooey centers or anyone to fight over the amazing crunchy edges I feel a strong need to invest in...

Random Crap #7

The most amazing brownie pan on record, all edges. At $45.00 it will be a while before this makes it into my kitchen but just knowing that it will one day happen makes life a little bit happier. Until then, anyone interested in eating the gooey, soggy, sick centers?

Random Gal

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Disneyland, so close and yet, so far away.

It is currently 387.69 miles from my front door to the front gates of the happiest place on earth. That is 5 hours and 58 minutes of drive time which is nothing. I find myself asking, "why don't I go more often?" The number one reason would be my financial situation. When I was a nanny and my pass was free, it was much easier to make random trips to Disneyland. Now it is a much larger commitment. A large group of people are planning a trip to California for Spring break. The trip will include the following...

2) A baseball game in San Diego
4) The beach
6) Shopping
8) Possible night in Vegas

Amazing right! How can I possibly pass this up. The last time I went to Disneyland it was extremely eventful. It included yummy soup, ex-boyfriends, cute mountain man ride operators, a random lady on the bus you could poor your heart out to, and a ridiculous young man who had to get home to "buy a new shirt" aka stalk his ex. Friendships were strengthened, friendships were destroyed... it was the most glorious three days possible. So now I need to figure out how I can make this new trip happen. What can I say, I am addicted to Disneyland. I tried to find an online support group but there is not currently one in existence. Maybe I will start one. Realistically I know I can't go. We would leave exactly one month after I get home from NYC which means that in one month I would have to save a good $600, plus enough to cover the money that I won't be making over spring break. It is pretty much attempting the impossible. But I believe that when your goal is a worthy one (which Disneyland always is) anything can happen. So here are some of the ways I plan on considering to make some extra cash.

Random Crap #6
Disneyland, here I com...?

1) Garage Sale
2) Organizing Closets
3) Baby-sit
4) Sell Plasma (Sorry Jon)
5) Sell my hair ($300-$900)
6) Join a clinical trial
7) Finally sell all the aprons I have lying around my house
8) Get a paper route (4am... worth it?)
9) Online poker
10) Recycle
11) Turn my parents house into a bed and breakfast
12) Lemonade stand/Bake sale

While I know that most of these are unrealistic and won't come close to helping me reach my goal, it's worth a shot. I had a small ray of hope the other day when I was offered a babysitting job that would finance my trip, only to have it ripped away less than 24 hours later (thanks for crushing my dreams). So I am back at square one and in need of more suggestions. Any Ideas?

Random Gal