Thursday, February 17, 2011

Addicted to cats... sick!

Let's pretend that it hasn't been 9 months since I blogged, okay? Good. Yesterday I got home from yet another exhausting day that I thought would never end. I was all ready to wrap up in my favorite blanket, watch some trashy TV, and listen to the amazing wind/rain/hail outside. I turned on my TV and saw a little clip of this (the cat part, not the ventriloquism part although I think that's pretty creepy too). Needless to say my relaxing evening was gone never to return. I was physically ill. I opened my Tivo menu, selected my trashy show, and hit select only to find this. (I tried to upload the video but it was taking FOREVER!)

I had visions of a window covered in these Sunny Seats. Cats everywhere. Jumping from bed to bed. Fighting, hissing, and shedding. My night was ruined. I turned off the TV and went to sleep. Little did I know that those evil little cats were waiting for me in my nightmares. Just in case it wasn't clear. I hate cats.


c.e.l.i.n.a said...

I just threw up a little.

I wonder if gerbils could use that?

Nate and Erin Russell said...

RUSTY WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT!!! sorry i'm such a terribly nonsupportive sister, but i want to get a cat just so i can get a sunny seat, cuz lets face it, that is a great idea

Bret and Britni said...

haha I love what Erin said. She's so loving! :). Muahaha. Those silly cats, don't they know yet that they should just leave you alone? I am sorry to hear that they ruined your night. Not cool. Not cool at all.